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Hi, I'm graphic

In 1398, I received a diploma in mathematics and physics, and I am currently a student at Tehran Azad University.

I have been working on for a while now and I see a bright future for this site.

In 1397, I started working in the Railway Project Management Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RPMO). Among my activities there were graphic works, including logo design, editing, and so on.

In 1396, I started working in Aseman Graphic Company. Of course, I learned a lot in the world of graphics through working with and interacting with others. My activities at Asemaneh include content production, editing, infographics, podcasting, typography, and more.

In 2016, I officially started my job in Kayhan Computer Company. Among my activities in this company, we can mention the production and updating of internet content.

مهارت های من
Adobe Photoshop 100%
Adobe Audition 100%
WordPress 95%
Microsoft Office 90%
Adobe Premiere 85%
Corel VideoStudio 80%
Adobe After Effects 60%
SEO 50%
I am 18 years old (born December 20, 2000) with a diploma in 2019 & single. Since 2016, I've been working on graphic abilities. I am interested in intercourse & learning new business experiences, as well as active engagement in group & individual projects. One of my activities is to support & update software for clients & graphic work in the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Company, & I am currently unemployed.