Stam Audio StamChild SA-670 MK2

Monday, August 15, 2022

Stam Audio StamChild SA-670 MK2

Stam Audio specialise in building replicas of sought-after vintage hardware, and aim to produce the best and most accurate sounding units available at any price point. Their latest announcement is the StamChild SA-670 MK2, an updated version of their hardware recreation of the classic Fairchild 670 compressor. Developed with the goal of the audio path remaining as close as possible to the original units and exhibiting an identical compression curve, Stam Audio say that the SA-670 MK2 is virtually indistinguishable from an original Fairchild.

The unit is hand-built by Stam Audio in Chile, and uses a German-made chassis and faceplate loaded with historically correct knobs and a VU meter. A total of 18 valves are present in the device’s signal path, and the design also employs eight premium transformer reproductions made by AMI in the US and Brian Sowter in the UK.


Stam Audio StamChild SA-670 MK2


Some design changes have been made to reduce the cost of manufacturing, but all in areas that do not affect the audio signal path. Firstly, the valve-based power supply has been replaced by a modern solid-state design, and the control amp has been changed to a hybrid setup.

Stam Audio are confident that the unit will impress, and are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving users the chance to put the device through its paces and return it for a full refund if they are not happy.

The StamChild SA-670 MK2 will be priced at $5999, and is available to pre-order now for $4990, with the first batch due for production in November 2022. A Mastering Version which features stepped controls is available by request.

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