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Dynacord device outputs

In Dynacord devices, apart from Mon and Aux outputs, there are a number of outputs, which include the main master output, the Master B output, and the headphone output.

Mon in Dynacord mixers

One of the most important outputs in Dynacord mixers that you can use is the MON output. There are two Moon output channels in Dynacord mixers.

AUX in Dynacord mixers

Aux Send Output is commonly used to capture output for an effector, power amplifier, or recorder. Of course, in some cases, this output is also used to connect active bands, which is not very common.

Fx Send output

effect Send output (Fx Send) is an output without effects. In fact, the Fx Send has two connectors (Fx1 / Fx2) that give you the sound of sound lines without an effect.