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Dynacord company

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Dynacord company

Dynacord began in 1947 with the construction of the amplifier tube.

After a few years and with the success of Dynacord in the German market, the company started making loudspeakers.

Dynacord’s work gradually developed and became one of the largest in the industry with the production of audio mixers and other audio equipment.

Few people today haven’t heard of Dynacord; People who are less familiar with the audio industry are also familiar with Dynacord.

Dynacord currently manufactures products such as audio mixers, audio power mixers, amplifiers, speakers, and PA systems.

Dynacord amplifier

The Dynacord amplifier is another flagship product of this brand. Dynacord’s 70 years of amplifier manufacturing experience has now made the company one of the best and largest amplifier manufacturers in the world.

It is now considered by many to be the best Dynacord amplifier brand. In each amplifier category, be it dual-channel amplifier, 4-channel amplifier or 6-channel amplifier, DinaCord offers a variety of products for customers to use. Among the most popular Dynacord power amps are Dynacord sl1800 and Dynacord power sl2400, currently available on the market with a connection guarantee. A variety of Dynacord amps can be used by any user.

School amplifier, mosque amplifier, on-board amplifier; Dynacord provided a single solution for all these needs.

Dynacord mixer

One of the most popular Dynacord products right now is the Dynacord audio mixer.

In Iran, more than any other type of product, Dynacord is known for its mixers and power mixers; Dynacord 1600 Power Mixer, Dynacord 2200 Power Mixer and Dynacord 600 Power Mixer are among the most famous Dynacord products in Iran.

If you ask many users for the best audio mixer or the best power mixer, they will introduce you to the Dynacord audio mixer.

Even if you are talking about a small power mixer or a cheap audio mixer, you can still offer Dynacord products.

Dynacord mixer price and Dynacord mixer price can be considered the strengths of this product, which is very affordable for users.

Dynacord mixer and power mixer can be used in a variety of applications; In the sound diffusion of a concert hall and amphitheater, in the sound diffusion of schools and in the sound diffusion of mosques and billboards.

At the Mix Seda site, we intend to provide training on Dynacord products …

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