Pre Fader Listen

Pre Fader Listen

What is the Pre Fader Listen?

First of all, I mean the sound of the signal that goes to the headphones. In other words, the sound emitted from the headphone section of the mixer. This section is also known as Telephone.

The sound signal in the mixer allows the operator to listen to one or more channels by monitoring or through headphones without the sound of those channels being output. And reach out to listeners.

This system can also be used for monitoring, but the main use is to play the next song or part of the program, which should be played first for the operator or sound engineer. To be able to adjust the sound before playing. This use is also useful for DJs (Disc jockeys). Signals in the direction of the signal usually go to a headphone amplifier. Or they might go for tracking.

PFL button

The PFL button on the mixer means Pre-Fade Listen. And if this button is disabled, the sound in ALF will mean listening after the feeder. Usually the input columns have the ability to activate the PFL of the sound without going to the outputs, the path of the headphones and being audible inside it.

SIP button

SIP switches may also be available on advanced mixers. Unlike PFL, this key affects the output sound. You see a lot of this in software mixers. (Usually denoted by the letter S.)

Assume that the signal sent from the synthesizer to the mixer may be too strong to cause the clip. To easily find this problem, let's activate the SIP key. By activating this button, all channels will be disconnected except the selected channel with fast output, and we can easily set the channel and then deactivate SIP again.

Be careful with this key while running the program. Because if an error is triggered, all channels except the channel itself will be disabled and muted.

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