What is the difference between a mixer and a power mixer?

What is the difference between a mixer and a power mixer?

Mixer and Power Mixer

What is a mixer and a power mixer and what is the difference between them?

Perhaps the first question that comes to newcomers' minds is what is the difference between a mixer and a power mixer.

The mixers are divided into the following two categories in terms of feeding:

  • (cm) Mixer
  • Power mixer

In fact, the power mixers, in addition to doing the job of mixer, also have an amplifier (sound amplifier), or in other words the power mixers are a combination of two mixers (Mixer) and Power (Power).

Not to mention that regular mixers are also known as "Unpowered Mixers".

Now the question that arises here is how can we know if it is a mixer or a power mixer?

Specifications of the mixer and power mixer

Usually the mixer specifications are written on the body or in the booklet or box of the mixers, and you can easily read them to find out if the mixer is an ordinary type or also contains power.

Normally the type of mixer is written under the company logo of the device on the body of the mixer.

In Dynacord mixers, if the mixer is an ordinary type, the word "CMS" is written under the Dynacord logo.


Mixer and Power Mixer


Another thing that matters here is how powerful your mixer is. Normally, the power output (W) of the power output is written next to or in front of the PowerMixer text.

For example, 700.2 means this device can give you 700 watts of power in two output lines.

700 watts for the right line and 700 watts for the left line, which is listed in the PowerMix Dynacord 1000 (Dynacord PM 1000) as 1000.2, which means that the two-line output provides 1000 watts.

Another difference between mixers and mixers is in weight and size: mixers are usually (not all mixers) thicker and heavier than mixers, although this is a natural feature.

The only thing about dinacord mixers is that the body color of normal mixers is darker than power mixers so that the mixer type can be seen from a distance.

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