Effect control jack in Dynacord mixer

Effect control jack in Dynacord mixer

Effect control socket

For many, the question may be: what is an effects control jack?

This input is used to control the effect. I intend to control the effect by turning the effect off and on again. In some mixers, this jack helps the player to turn the mixer effect on and off using a FootSwitch.

In some other mixers, too, you have the ability to control the amount of delay (Delay) with the beat rhythm of this pedal. (Actually like the Tab button which I'll explain in future articles)

This feature is usually less used in concerts and is only used when the singer is alone. This pedal helps the player to turn on the sound (Fx) when he wants and to turn off the effect whenever he doesn't need the effect.

Well, I personally do not recommend using this pedal to adjust the effect because if you have worked with the Tab key you will understand how irregular the rhythms we define by hand for the device are.

Better yet: you have to be very professional in beating the beat in order to properly adjust the mixer effect. The effects control jack (Fx On / Off) is a stereo jack that can be controlled in most mixers through the digital part of the mixer (such as the Dynacord 2200 power mixer)

Use the effect control grip in the staff

Usually people on the card don't use this jack because most fans don't have much experience in audio discussions and can't adjust the sound on their own. Also, adjusting praise effects is more difficult than singing, and adjusting these effects with the pedal is difficult even for professionals.

For example, suppose you want to control the Zakir effect sound with these pedals. Even 5 milliseconds (5Ms) high or low in the memory effect will affect the output sound. As a result, your error rate will be too high and you may not be able to adjust the sound effect to match the original sound.

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