What is a speaker?

What is a speaker?


You may be wondering what a speaker is, pretty much anything that can play audio is called a speaker, speaker, or band. In fact, speakers are devices that convert electrical energy into sound. The loudspeaker, together with the amplifier, is used to amplify the sound.

Well, the speaker consists of several parts. Each of these components does a specific job and their presence or absence can be critical or in some way non-critical.

Critical parts


A good speaker needs a vibrating screen to produce sound, which is a mechanical wave. This screen is usually made in a conical way, but in rare cases it is made in a pyramid shape, three-sided, four-sided or six-sided (like some Sony brand subwoofers) and ...

This plate is usually made of plastic, foam, paper (most commonly used), aluminum. And the genre affects the sound quality, the release of the sound. And each material is used in a specific place. For example, more paper is used in paper tapes and more plastic is used in car speakers.


The sonic diaphragm needs a suand to control its movements and return to its place after each vibration.

Surround The screen is designed around the sound diaphragm and is usually made of foam, or paper, experience shows that foams are more desirable in terms of quality, strength, durability, flexibility and repairs better than paper because if paper is torn, the only way is to replace the entire speaker diaphragm.

But Surand's foam comes easily with a razor. It can be glued with iron glue.


The loudspeaker must convert electrical energy into mechanical energy (sound). We know that the use of inductors can create mechanical force.

The same thing happens with electric motors. Because the inductor around itself creates a magnetic field, and if we put this field in another field opposite to the inductor field, it becomes like two magnets that are close to each other, or if we place it in the opposite field, it's like two magnets moving away from each other. LT is.

This coil is made of lacquered copper wire, aluminum (in very rare cases) and gold (WiFi audio systems worth millions) and is best wrapped around a copper or aluminum cylinder, which is comfortable to heat. and longer speaker life.


Spider is actually a kind of heated fabric that is a bit thick, thick and hard and obviously has good flexibility in the direction of moving the voice coil. Spider's work is the same as Surandeh's, except that Surande was in control of the opening of the sound. The spider is further inside the magnet groove to control the voice coil and maintain its balance.


A speaker can have from one to more magnets, depending on the type. The magnet is needed to create a permanent magnetic field for the moving coil.

The new and very good magnets are made of neodymium. But due to the high cost, ferrite or cerium-cobalt or alnico (a type of permanent magnet alloy) is still used instead of neodymium.

Basket (speaker body)

A basketball is an integrated piece on which all speaker components are mounted. Baskets are usually made from strong or light metals such as iron, aluminum and, in rare cases, stone! They use and use plastic and ... it's not common at all.


Vital parts of the speaker


Non-critical parts


The speakers use a cover, usually made of paper or plastic, to prevent dirt from entering the voice coil and causing damage or damage to the sound. The cup is located in the center of the sound opening.


It is true that we have also defined Spider as a vital part. But it can also be useless on Twitter. Because the moving coil of the tweeters is usually very light and the Twitter page itself does the weight and control of the voice coil.

Double cone

This second cone is mounted on the first cone (aperture) and its function is to help certain types of loudspeakers such as the mid range and full range in the transmission and production of high frequencies so that those frequencies are better distributed.

Using standard speakers is very important for sound quality and recording. So, if you use quality mixer for Sound design but your sound quality is still not good, one of the reasons could be improper use of the speakers.

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