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Apply effects in the Dynacord mixer

Applying effects and adjusting the volume of sound effects is very important. Setting the sound effects for a sound work helps you to keep the sound effects clear and noiseless in the output sound.

If you can properly adjust the sound effect but fail to adjust the correct amount in the mixer outputs, your effect will be damaged.

Peak effect lights

If you look at the effect feeders (which are green) in Dynacord mixers, you will see that there are two lights in green and red. The peak effect light is red.

These lamps light up when the microphone sound effect line input (Line) is too loud. Or to put it simply, this light comes on when the sound effect is distorted.

For example, if you open the sound effect of an audio line (FX1) all the way to the end, the light of the peak effect (Fx Pk) will most likely turn on. If you see this indicator light up while the player is reading, be sure to reduce the effect.

Because if this light is on, the sound effect will be severely degraded. In fact, in layman's terms, your effect is distorted.

Effect button

There is a green light at the bottom of the Fx Pk light. This light indicates whether the device is on or off internally. When this light is on, it means that the internal effect of the device is active.

Now you may not have any effect on the output sound for various reasons, but the device's internal effect is active. Next to this green light, there is a switch that you can use to turn the internal effect of the device on or off.

It goes without saying that the effect of the mixers can be controlled via the "FootSwitch" control or the "MIDI" device. In most mixers, the internal effect control fails when adding external controls to control the mixer effect.

PFL effect (Pre Fader Listen)

Dynacord mixers have a PFL button for the effects section to apply the effect smoothly and to make fewer mistakes for recorders. This button allows you to hear the output sound before applying it.

If you remember, as I said in previous articles, this button is before the power supply circuit. This means that if the power supply is completely closed, you can still hear the sound via the PFL button.

The volume of the sound output of this button is independent and preset and I think the volume of the effect output of this button is 0db. I mean, in my opinion, when you turn on this button, you can hear 100% of the sound coming out through the Phone output.


PFL effect (Pre Fader Listen)


Effects power supplies

At the bottom of the PFL button are the sound effects of two stereo effects (Effect Fader). These power supplies are used to adjust the volume of the effect applied to each row of microphones.

The effect sound is louder when moving these power supplies upwards.

And when you reduce these feeders, the effect of the effect on the output sound decreases. It goes without saying that the performance of these volumes depends on the effect of the volume (Fx1 / Fx2) in each line of the sound.

This means that if the sound of your effect is closed in a soundtrack, it makes sense that no effects are applied to that soundtrack. Usually the volume effect (Fx1 / Fx2) is adjusted so that the power effects are close to -0-.

Of course, the setting of these feeders depends on the type of effect applied and the amount of feedback, which I will discuss in future articles.

I suggest you read this article to learn how to adjust the effect.

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