Feeders and signal lights in sound mixers

Feeders and signal lights in sound mixers

Feeders in mixers

Adjusting the power supply and signal lights is one of the most important details of audio recording work. The volume of the fader slider is usually in analog mixers to adjust the volume of the output sound of each sound line.

Analog mixers, such as Dynacord mixers, have a power supply for each sound line that helps the recorder control the volume of each section. In some digital mixers this sliding volume is used not only to adjust the volume but also to adjust the equalizer, and even in some mixers these feeders can change the pitch of each line.

One of the important points of analog mixers is that a professional sound engineer always tries to keep these feeders sliding close to the graduated zero number next to the feeder. He tries to adjust the volume gain and parametric equalizer so that the feeders are neither too nor too small.

In other words, low or high volume gain is not meant to compensate for the slider feeder (fader). On the other hand, if the gain volume is too high, the flirtatious variation in the power supply volume will be clearly recognizable and audible. And this makes it very difficult for the recorder to reduce a sound smoothly.

In practice, the presence of sliding volumes is due to the high precision. Nowhere do you see graphic equalizers adjusted as screw volumes. Sliding feeders are always used to adjust graphic equalizers because the accuracy of the adjustment is very important.

You can hardly turn the volume down using Gain, but you can easily do it with scrollable volumes. Easy to use scrollable volumes that are also used in software mixers.


Feeders in mixers


our suggestion

I suggest you, sound engineers, always find a suitable place for the devices. Whenever possible, you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. Try to cover them after each use of the mixers so that the dust settles on them.

Typically, if power supplies and their circuitry are constantly exposed to dust, the life of the power supplies is reduced. And after a while you will notice that the volume of the power supply suddenly increases or decreases or the power supply is not working properly. Due to the high price of audio equipment in Iran, always try to deal with the thesis of these equipments properly.

Peak lights in the mixer (power supply and signal lights)

Usually, a series of buttons and lights are placed next to the power supply. The most important of these lights are the signal (Sig) and peak (Pk) lights. Usually the courier light is red. This light indicates the arrival of a high volume signal.

When this light is lit, the audio signal is out of range or distorted. In these cases it is necessary to use one of the following two methods to adjust the acoustic signal so that the Pk indicator goes out:

  • Decrease the gain volume
  • Adjust the parametric equalizer so that the sound is not distorted
  • Don't forget that these methods are for the mixer and you have other ways to reduce the volume of the sound input to the mixer, such as creating a distance between the microphone and the sound source and ...

Decreasing the volume of the power supply has nothing to do with the peak light and increasing or decreasing it does not change the turning on and off of the peak light. If the courier light stays on constantly, in addition to damaging your equipment, it will likely cut the conduit.

Don't forget that the distortion of the sound quality of your record will be strangely destroyed. This means that the recorded sound is heavily scratched.

Signal lights in the mixer (power supply and signal lights)

In mixers, a green light is usually placed under the Pk light to indicate the amount of signal being input to the device. It goes without saying that some mixers use multiple lights to indicate the input signal.

The reason for this light is more to understand the incoming sound of a sound line. My personal opinion is that the gain volume should be adjusted so that the indicator light (Sig) is on when speaking and the pk is off.

I mean, the input signal is not so high as to make the sound distorted, nor so low as to make the input signal forcibly intelligible.

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