Dynacord mixer lamp input

Dynacord mixer lamp input

Dynacord mixer lamp input

What you see on many mixers is a lamp input (LAMP). Most mixers have this input for Audio engineer.

Now, sometimes for the simplicity of the mixer, there is only one plug or for the professionalism of the mixer, there are several inputs for the lamp.

The lamp input is used to connect the LED lamps to the device. The use of these lamps serves to keep the workplace illuminated when working with the mixer. The input socket of the mixer lamp is of the "XLR" type.

You can use ready-made lamps with the input of this plug to use this function or personally connect a lamp of 12 volts (V) and 5 watts (W) to the mixer. Make sure that if you connect a lamp to the fixture, it has the same specifications so that there are no problems. (12V / 5Watt / DC)

Dynacord CMS-1000, CMS-1600, CMS-2200, powermate-1000, powermate-1600 and powermate-2200 mixers have a lamp input number.

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