Mon in Dynacord mixers

Mon in Dynacord mixers

One of the most important outputs in Dynacord mixers that you can use is the MON output. There are two Mon output channels in Dynacord mixers.

Out Mon

Mon Output There are two types of outputs.

  • One is the stereo output, which is in the form of an "XLR".
  • The second is the "Mono" output, which is in the form of "TS".

Usually, since these outputs have effects independent of the master, they are used to connect monitors and active bands. The application that Dynacord has in mind for these outputs is the monitor itself.

These outputs have a weak effect and, at the peak of the singer's voice, the sound effect (Fx) becomes even weaker as the volume increases. The Mon effect is applied independently.

Above the effect feeders (Fx) are two blue volumes that you can use to apply the desired effect to your Mon outputs. This output is useful for recording four-channel audio via 4-channel via USB.

Well, one problem with this output is that it has a weaker effect, and at the peak of the sound, the effect gets even weaker. If possible, try not to use the Mon output for your monitor if the Dynacord Aux outputs are empty.

Try using this output for audio recording or the output for the back lanes of the house.

mon feders (Mon in the mixer)

Mon The outputs are controlled using our mon power supplies. It goes without saying that the volume of our output volume also depends on the volume of Mon (Mon) in each line of the sound.

Mon filter feedback (Mon in mixer)

Feedback Filter Mon volumes, or FEEDB for short. FILTER ”are located above our power supplies. The job of these volumes is to reduce or cancel the feedback or whistle the sound.

These volumes are used at high frequencies only on the Mon outputs. This means that if the mon output is used for the monitor, these volumes can be used at a certain frequency to blur the audio feedback.

Filter feedback button

To use the Feedback Filter Mon volumes, the Feedback Filter button below the volumes must be active. If you are using Dynacords Series 2, these outputs are AUX.

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